I hate writing in the third person – I feel like “Jimmy” from that Seinfeld episode, so we’ll keep this informal.

I’m a content creator and freelance journalist based in Miami, Florida. I’m currently a contracted Senior Copywriter for Norwegian Cruise Line’s in-house ad agency, Rebel Fish. In that role, I do everything from creating videos and commercials (strategizing, pitching, storyboarding & script writing, assisting with filming & editing, and creating supers) to conceptualizing full advertising campaigns. Daily tasks include writing brand-specific copy for print ads, trade publications, brochures, digital ads, social media and more.

I also consult for The City of Miami as a digital content specialist, where I transform complex (and often dry) city services into easy to understand, step-by-step web pages and usable digital forms.  This role has taught me a lot about UX/UI, information architecture, and how people digest digital content.

I’ve done additional content & copywriting work for clients including Oliphant Design, NetJets, Paragon Theaters, Starwood, Loaded Questions, and The Related Group.

In my “spare time” I’m a freelance journalist, contributing to publications like PEOPLE Magazine/PEOPLE.COM, American Way, Women’s Health, Billboard, W Magazine, About.com, Ocean Drive, The Miami Herald, The Daily Meal, Mommy Nearest and more. I’ve covered a variety of topics including celebrity & entertainment, human interest, food & beverage, travel, beauty, lifestyle, and fashion. I frequently conduct interviews with both international personalities and local influencers.


I began my professional career in in the film industry in New York City, working as a “D-Girl” (development girl) for New Line Cinema.  A voracious reader, I was lucky enough to hone-in on the specialty of book scouting for film. I participated in the development of projects such as The Time Traveler’s Wife and Motherless Brooklyn.  I also worked on the horror film Freddy vs. Jason, which was shockingly not based on a book.  I soon realized I wanted to be on the “other side” of production – creating stories myself.

I worked on a book proposal about the life of Master Sergeant Mike Maroney, an Air Force Pararescue Jumper (PJ) who gained fame for his work during Hurricane Katrina. This story is an expansion of an award-winning article I wrote for People Magazine.

Born and raised in Westport, Connecticut, I graduated Cum Laude from the University of Maryland and was selected as a Senior Marshall within the college’s esteemed Department of Communication.